My Cat’s Last Will and Testament

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My Cat's Last Will and Testament

This weekend, my cat died. It’s awful news. The kind of news you want to crawl up with for a week and beg to go away. The kind of news that can turn a 6 year-old rerun of Scrubs into a tear-jerker, or a commercial featuring the Charmin Ultra-Soft bears into a poignant statement on the fragility of life. It is, to be sure, the sort of thing a comedy writer like me should not go anywhere near, but I wrote about her so often here that I felt it wrong to keep it to myself.

Invariably, my most popular articles have been about Cheese The Cat. Whether I was coming out of the closet as a male cat lover, or narrating her opinions of my female callers, or nominating her to be to be the Pope of the Catholic Church, it was clear that the internet loved Cheese. Not…

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One thought on “My Cat’s Last Will and Testament

  1. Thank you for this. I, too, am going through the gut wrenching pain of a loss, and my Stella, like Cheese, was a special trouble maker of her own. You captured my feelings and Stella’s words perfectly. You have a gift and it has brought me much comfort. I will use this over the next while to bring a smile to my face when it just doesn’t feel like I ever can again. So thank you, again. – Monica and Stella

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