Stark County (in)Humane Society

Re: Stark County, Ohio After a number of false starts (2 judges recused) we finally had our first conference with the new judge and the results were monumental. This suit was brought for 2 reasons; First, for Maryann Hoover, for the brutal seizure and murder of her 41 cats by the Stark County (in) humane Society. That part of the suit is ongoing, though the judge believes a resolution can be reached shortly and has scheduled a conference in Cleveland, March 16. Richard will be attending. The second part of the law suit and in many ways the more meaningful part, was a class action against the Stark County (in) humane Society to end their unbridled reign of terror. We have documented instances of their violating the 4th amendment, forcing their way into people’s homes, seizing their pets and executing them, all in violation of the constitution, without warrants or other legal basis, and without any opportunity to contest or have a hearing regarding these abuses. What makes this even more egregious is that at least one of the thugs they used to conduct these raids is a convicted felon and the “veterinarian” who “assesses” these animals and orders their execution doesn’t have a license. From the beginning, we were very clear that stopping these abuses was the main focus of our efforts. And yesterday, our efforts bore fruit. After getting the Stark County Health Department (one of the defendants ) to agree that they would no longer refer any animal cases to Stark County (in) humane society unless there were a court order for requiring it, the judge “convinced” them to settle the rest of this part of the case start by getting Stark County (in) humane society to agree not to participate in the entry onto people’s property or the seizure of any animals except when they were under the clear responsibility of and supervision by an authorized Police Department or health department. In the end, this would make the police department and/or the health department liable for any civil rights violations and require them to monitor and supervise whatever the Stark (In) humane society does. We have been chipping away at our general fund. We need your help. We now will need to serve every town and municipal agency involved in enforcement in Stark County so they are on notice. In addition we are still helping shelters, groups and individual dogs who need medical attention so that they can get adopted. As we have said before, most people do not want to drop $2000.00 to get a dog healthy after adopting them.They want a healthy dog. With your help, that’s what we accomplish.

via The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs



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