Rescue, Release and Return to the Wild

It is becoming increasingly evident that every rhino calf we can save is critical in this war on poaching and the fight to rescue an iconic species.

One of the many tragic fallout’s of the poaching crisis is the Orphaned young rhinos that are left behind once the mothers have been killed. A rhino calf depends entirely on its mother for food and protection from predators. Losing its mother in infancy often has a deadly outcome for the calf.

Even if we stop the poaching tomorrow, we have lost valuable breeding animals and with a rhino’s slow accumulation rate there is a definite lag in breeding. If we can maximize survival rate of the calves and rehabilitate them responsibly and ethically, these calves can go back into the wild to breed and successfully rear young.[…]

Source: HELP RHINO ORPHANS | Indiegogo


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