What really happened at Thailand’s Tiger Temple?

What eventually really shook Tanya’s faith, and that of her colleagues, however, were the far less dramatic discoveries from those spaces she, and the majority of the staff, were never allowed access: specifically, the monks’ housing.

After a raid on their buildings, the DNP eventually emerged with a haul including a hacksaw, vice, and materials needed to make and sell “deer antler supplement”.

On trucks outside the temple’s main building, they loaded a vast amount of flat timber suspected to be protected Siamese rosewood. And earlier that morning, a truck with two temple staff and a monk was stopped at the main entrance while trying to leave.

Hidden in the car were two tiger pelts, hundreds of vials containing tiger skin, and dozens of tiger fangs. Adisorn said those caught in the truck had referred the DNP to the abott for any explanations.

Read at: What really happened at Thailand’s Tiger Temple? – Al Jazeera English


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