Lost in the Mist: The Fall of the Great Apes

Last week, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed the eastern gorilla as critically endangered in their Red List. We must act.

Bushmeat demand, wildlife trade and other factors are plucking each gorilla individual from life on this earth. The population of Grauer’s Gorillas (eastern lowland gorillas) has been removed of 77% of their population since 1994. Overall, the eastern gorilla has lost 70% of its population over the past 20 years – 12,000 individual gorillas, gone forever. The eastern mountain gorilla is the most critically endangered gorilla species with only about 300 mature individuals. That’s less than the amount of people who can fit on single flight of a Boeing 747 airplane.

The causes are many – hunting around mining sites, forest fragmentation, habitat loss, wildlife trafficking, hunting, climate change – it starts to sound like a sad repeated song played around the world, responsible for the greatest era of extinction in the past 65 million years. We are the cause.

Read at: Lost in the Mist: The Fall of the Great Apes


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