Kerala politicians beat street dogs to death, hang them on a pole and take out a parade

Playing to public sentiment against stray dogs in Kerala, members of the Youth Front (Mani) on Monday killed around 10 stray dogs to protest against the menace. The cadres of the youth wing of the Kerala Congress Mani group beat the dogs to death, tied a few to a pole and paraded them in Kottayam town. They were protesting against the recurrent attacks by stray dogs and Union Minister Maneka Gandhi’s approach towards the stray dog problem in Kerala. The Minister has many a time come down heavily on the state for its poor handling of the menace.

Read at: Kerala politicians beat street dogs to death, hang them on a pole and take out a parade | The News Minute


One thought on “Kerala politicians beat street dogs to death, hang them on a pole and take out a parade

  1. Hi all,

    My motherland is Kerala. I am not surprised by this news. Here politicians are criminals; normally it is the communist party who leads in political terrorism. I am not sure since when the opposition decided to start from animals. In god’s own country, like other states in India, waste including hospital waste and carcasses are disposed on the road side or into your neighbour’s property or vacant land. These dogs have easy access to waste and later turn on to human beings for food. In my neighborhood I have heard about dog maulings even on kids. I feel this issue should be addressed with responsibility. The way these animals are killed and displayed is a shock and shame. Dear mundu fellows, it is a shame! you guys are in the front lines of news all over the world. By the way what does Kodiyerri have to tell about this. Hope this reminds our beloved communist party about the Snake Park incident in Parassinikadavu. I still have a vague memory about the speech this politician gave soon after the incident where all the animals inside the park were brutally murdered. He is still ruling the state. Kerala please wake up. We are not cowards. Learn to respect each other. Learn to respect life. I like Maneka Gandhi’s animal protection programs, but you have to include measures to control dog population.

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