Employees Wanted: Must Love Animals – Nathan J Winograd


In fact, the study authors went even further here, too. They concluded  that staff and volunteers who live with cats correlated most strongly with these outcomes. Why? People who lived with cats “were found to have a more positive view of cats” than those who did not and they would spend more time interacting gently and positively with the cats.

And yet, too often, animal shelters are staffed with people who don’t care; who understand that they have the power to kill each and every one of these animals, and will in fact kill most of them, so that every interaction they have with those animals is influenced by the perception that their lives do not matter, that their lives are cheap and expendable, and that they are destined for the garbage heap.

If we are to encourage happy dogs and cats in shelters who approach potential adopters and thus get adopted quicker and in greater numbers, working at a shelter has to be a mission, not just a job. First and foremost, employees considered for the position have to love animals. As such, “do you have pets?” and “tell me about them” might just be the two most important things to ask during a job interview.

Read full article at: Employees Wanted: Must Love Animals – Nathan J Winograd


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