Over the weekend, I posted to twitter that “Since PETA doesn’t believe animals have a right to life it can’t – by definition – be an animal rights group. I included a photo of a postcard Ingrid Newkirk once sent me, written and signed by her, admitting to that fact.

I received the following message in reply: “Have heard/read so much anti Peta propaganda and pro Peta I honestly do not know who to believe. So I end up believing neither.”

This is a cop out. The truth does not come down to personalities. It comes down to what the objective facts, the evidence, shows. We all may be entitled to our own opinions, but we are not entitled to our own “facts.”

And given what is at stake — the lives of animals — the very least we owe the animals is an open mind, and the few minutes it takes to scrutinize the evidence for ourselves.

Here is the data, self-reported by PETA to the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, showing roughly 9 out of 10 animals they seek out are killed by them:

Here is an inspection report by the Virginia State Vet showing PETA kills roughly 90% of animals within 24 hours without even trying to find them homes:

Here is an OpEd piece written by PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk which appeared in newspapers across the country where PETA says it supports a policy that all pit bulls should be killed in all shelters in America:

Here is a newspaper article about the trial of PETA employees who were found to be rounding up and killing animals in the back of a van after promising to find them homes:

Here is the news station report of PETA stealing Maya, a “happy and healthy” dog and killing her:

Here is the surveillance video of the theft:

Here is an article by a former PETA employee who was told to kill highly adoptable animals and to lie in order to get them:

Here is an interview with the former PETA employee who says that killing and lying are “standard operating procedure”:

Here is an article where PETA says community cats are better dead than sterilized and fed:

Here is a video made by Shelby County KY shelter volunteers after PETA celebrated when that shelter announced it was going to resume killing after four years as a No Kill shelter:

Here is a letter by the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies asking the State Vet to revoke PETA’s ability to take in and kill animals:

Here is a letter written by PETA to a Mayor telling him to kill all pit bulls, not to foster animals, and not to work with rescue groups:

Here are photographs of animals PETA has killed:

Here is a video where Ingrid Newkirk admits they kill healthy, adoptable animals:

There’s more; much more, including exposes in a wide variety of sources, such as the Huffington Post, New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, and local newspapers.

PETA is letting loose upon the world individuals who not only maniacally believe that killing is a good thing and that the living want to die, but who are legally armed with lethal drugs which they have already proven—32,744 times—that they are not adverse to using.


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