About this blog

NOTE: At some point a lot of my posts involved animal welfare issues and so I decided to just focus on that on this blog and changed the blog title accordingly.

Just a few things to show your love for animals:

1. Spay and neuter.

2. Adopt pets from a shelter or find one at petfinder.com. Never buy a pet, even from legitimate breeders (who I’m sure are nice people). Three to four million animals that enter animal shelters are killed every year. THREE to FOUR MILLION EVERY YEAR!!!

Save a life. Rescue a pet. Nothing beats the unconditional love an animal gives. Do remember that animals have personalities, too.

My own pets have way too much personality that’s why they were difficult to adopt out and why I’ve adopted them. They’re not exactly the cute, cuddly types. But I love them just the way they are, the same way they love me just the way I am.

3. If you can’t adopt, think about volunteering at an animal rescue organization. It is emotionally hard because without enough adoptive guardians, not all animals you care for may be saved.

I volunteer and I foster but I do take breaks from volunteering if I’m getting to the point where it’s too much emotionally. A burnt out volunteer is no use to pets in need. Oh, but the joys of being able to save animals. And really, it’s our responsibility. We created these domesticated animals to be dependent on us. We can’t turn our backs on them.

4. Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” And I’d like to believe that the nation I belong to is indeed one of the greatest.


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